1. New Community First Credit Union in Fort Bragg

    2018-07-16 18:38:09 UTC
    A new Community First Credit Union in Fort Bragg, remodeled  from  an old video store. Here is a video of the store, its being opened in late Summer 2018. Pictures to follow.

  2. Westerly Residence

    2015-09-10 15:55:00 UTC
    New Villa for the Westerly Family Visualizing the Architect’s hand drawn plans for the client in England. photo render hand drawn plans birds-eye view

  3. Concept for new Tolay Springs Winery near Sears Point

    2015-09-03 19:18:00 UTC
    We have been working on the visuals for the new Tolay Springs Winery, just north of the Sears Point Raceway on Arnold Drive. As you can see below there will be a new Winery and Production Facility and Farmstead area with a Creamery, Brewery and Event space too looking from…

  4. Foothills Road Pleasanton - Addition

    2015-07-14 19:50:00 UTC
    3d elevations off a sketch model really give good architectural renderings! Remodel to existing house with new wing, tower and garage. 

  5. Sugarloaf Winery on Highway 12

    2015-07-05 21:42:00 UTC
    Opposite Oakmont on Scenic Highway 12 in Sonoma. We’re at the Design Review stage and the County wants to see how the building will look from the road original view from road Detail of view from road elevations off 3D model Site plan off model

  6. Silver Cloud Winery

    2014-09-12 05:48:00 UTC
    Renderings for a new wine making building for small Winery in the Sonoma Foothills. The new building is to be cut into the hillside at the back, to keep the rear end cool. See the model, and before and after photo renderings below The site being graded 3d model 3d…

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